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Computer-Based Training (CBT) leverages the power of the web to enable learning, anytime, anywhere!

By combining digitally delivered content with learning support services, Computer Based Training is an effective learning process that in some ways is even better than classroom learning, as it is one-on-one, self-paced and utilizes multiple types of media to enhance memory and recall. Undeniably, e-Learning provides faster learning at reduced costs, increased access to learning, and clear accountability for all participants in the learning process.

SCIPP’s e-Learning courseware is hosted through our user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS), which allows for delivery of awareness training to geographically dispersed employees or customers when or where they need it, The course also provides remote access to management tools that track course attendance and measure individual performance.

Exportable data is collected for each employee accessing the LMS, such as identification, course viewed, and post-assessment results used to document completion reports as needed or required. Reports can even be created to trend, track and report on specific departments, individuals or groups.

Self-Host – Deploy our security awareness education programs on your organization’s internal platform

All of our courseware is SCORM and AICC compliant, so you will have the ability to host the content on your own Learning Management System, if desirable. However, we highly recommend using our Internet-accessible training portal which provides administration, content delivery and the ability to effectively track the success of your organization’s awareness program.

Online, Instructor–Led Course — Connect Your Employees Anywhere, Anytime!

SCIPP International will establish a virtual environment with your teams so that employees dispersed around the globe can log-in and join an instructor-led education program.  Save time and cost on travel and engage in a virtual delivery where students and instructors can interact in a live environment.

Let SCIPP International be your security awareness program partner.

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