Why SCIPP International

SCIPP International, a nonprofit, educates employees how to protect their company’s business intelligence from insider facilitated risks. Whether planned or because of a lack of security knowledge, employees are responsible for 80% of the breaches.  As the need for protecting company data is more demanding, SCIPP has expanded its capabilities to meet these challenges.

Security Awareness and Education Capabilities     

To address the challenges of insider threats, SCIPP       offers employers a choice of technical and non-technical security awareness programs for every employee

Our courses for end users and web application developers are simple, cost-effective solutions to reduce the risk of human error, which is the root of most data breaches and compliance problems.

SCIPP’s online courses provide:

  • Education essentials to meet regulations, guidelines and standards, including NIST and PCI-DSS requirements for security awareness and risk management training.
  • Online courses suitable for organizations of all sizes and delivered on a dedicated learning management system (LMS), accessible anywhere at any time.
  • Our risk management and security awareness courses are available immediately, scalable, customizable and delivered in various formats.

All courses were created by leaders in the security industry, subject matter experts with CISSP, NIST and CSDP credentials, as well as real-world experience with PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, NIST Frameworks, RMF/CSF and web application vulnerabilities.


NIST Risk Management Tool Capabilities

Government and industrial sectors continue to experience significant cyber risk management challenges.  SCIPP will help them to meet these challenges, as they increasingly turn to NIST Frameworks and methods including the NIST Risk Management Framework and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  To succeed, however, these employers must first address serious shortages of talent with the capability to effectively employ the NIST methods.  To reduce these shortages, SCIPP develops and offers cybersecurity risk management programs for employees and adult learners who wish to advance their risk management competencies.  SCIPP ensures that its education programs produce work-ready risk management professionals by incorporating extensive hands-on, real-world based projects.  In addition, SCIPP provides tools to employers to increase the cost-effective use of NIST methods.

With its partner Total Compliance SCIPP facilitates the adoption of the NIST RMF and CSF by the public and private sectors in multiple compliance environments.  Employers facing HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, GLBA and now CMMC compliance requirements can utilize AI guided tools which assist the rapid adoption and effective use of the NIST RMF and the NIST CSF.


Cybersecurity Job Creation

To create cybersecurity jobs SCIPP has developed methods for producing cybersecurity work-ready candidates for high demand/hard-to-fill cybersecurity positions.  First its team provided the CISSP infrastructure which has enabled the CISSP community to grow to over 100,000 members.  It has helped major employers train their staffs to prevent insider facilitated breaches.  SCIPP now focuses on enabling The Department of Defense to prevent breaches among the Defense Industrial Base with the new CMMC accreditation.


New: CMMC Accreditation

The Department of Defense (DoD) has mandated that all 350,000+ DoD contractors achieve third-party validation that they have sufficiently protected Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).  These contractors must attain one of five levels of CMMC accreditation.  The lowest level, CMMC-1 requires the accreditation of 17 NIST controls.  Attaining CMMC-5 requires the accreditation of 171 NIST controls.  Each DoD RFP/RFI/Contract will specify the CMMC level required of all offerors for that specific procurement.  Contractors without the required CMMC accreditation are barred from participation.  This puts a heavy burden on the small-medium DoD contractor segment.

To help these contractors, SCIPP with Total Compliance™ offers the AI guided CCMC Compliance System which uses the architecture of HIPAA Prime™. HIPAA Prime is a NIST RMF driven platform which has been successfully delivered by Total Compliance to over 200 employers with 80,000+ employees.

To achieve CMMC accreditation, DoD contractors must find affordable, competent talent who understand the NIST methods. These candidates can help contractors ensure they have implemented the required controls, are continuously monitoring those controls, have the required policies and procedures in place, and can thoroughly document their utilization of the controls with the required artifacts. With Total Compliance, SCIPP offers the CMMC Education System which enables candidates to learn the NIST RMF and CSF to help contractors prepare for and maintain their CMMC accreditation.

Your security awareness training is in the hands of experts with SCIPP.

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