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Companies can tailor their security awareness training course by adding on one or more of SCIPP International’s modules created to speak to industry specific situations and satisfy annual compliance requirements.

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SCIPP Security Awareness Course

Our flagship security awareness course is designed as an informative, non-technical, and highly effective on-line course. It covers the top 10 security issues in which enterprise end-users jeopardize information assets and the systems that are used to protect, process, store and transmit corporate data.

The course is delivered in 15 International languages and is also ADA compliant for the hearing or visually impaired.  The content can be hosted on our LMS or delivered through any SCORM / AICC compliant system.

All content is based on the SCIPP GAP™ - Generally Accepted Practices; a compendium of best business practices, which is aligned with the ISO 27001 standard and other industry “common bodies of knowledge”

SCIPP Cube: Customization of Content

While the SCIPP GAP serves as a foundation for content to meet compliance needs, the SCIPP Cube™ , our 6 sided customization model,  gives you options available for tailoring a course to meet your specific internal needs.

Any side or variable can be customized to meet your exact requirements from length, delivery, language and beyond.

For example, the policies and compliance section can be modified to include policies or requirements unique to your company’s culture and specific to different job responsibilities throughout your organization.

Your organization can either provide us with the content or we will work with you, and the members of your team, to determine what information is best to present to your target audience and how to present it in an meaningful way.

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  2. Why implement security awareness training?

  3. How to access employee performance reports, E-learning (LMS)

The 6 sides or variables of the SCIPP Cube are:

  1. 1.Vertical market (e.g., financial services, healthcare, government, retail, education, etc.)

  2. 2.Course length (desired number of minutes or hours)   

  3. 3.Target audience (e.g., end-users, management, consumers, etc.)

  4. 4.Language (e.g., English, Spanish, ADA, etc.)

  5. 5.Delivery Method (e.g., SCIPP hosted, customer hosted, webinar, instructor-led, etc.)

  6. 6.Attendees (number of program participants)

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

The SCIPP security awareness training and certification program satisfies organizational compliance requirements for the FFIEC, PCI-DSS, HIPAA,  FISMA, GLBA, SOX, The Computer Security Act of 1987,  ISO 17799, NIST, NERC, OMB circular number A-130 Appendix III, (HSPD-7,) AR-25, BS7799, COBIT, BASEL II, and Section 508.

100% Money Back Guarantee

SCIPP International guarantees that our End-User Security Awareness Course meets annual security awareness course requirements levied by regulatory agencies / bodies, statutes, and laws.

If your auditor, regulator, or examiner determines that the course content does not meet the requirements for generally-accepted annual security awareness training (non-passive awareness), SCIPP

International will amend the course to remedy the noted deficiencies* or refund the entire price of the course.

This guarantee does not cover security awareness accountability requirements, such as tracking individual or organizational course completion or reporting requirements unless the course is delivered on SCIPP International’s Learning Management System (LMS).

*Client is required to submit  the statement of deficiencies documentation as it was provided to them by their auditor, regulator, or examiner.

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“All of our all certificate and certification programs are deeply rooted in our most fundamental passion for timeliness, accuracy, and relevance of the best business practices we provide.”

Industry Specific Modules

Available in 15 languages!security-awareness_files/Flag_of_Singapore.svg

The SCIPP Cube™ (click cube to interact with sides)

  1. 6.Indonesian

  2. 7.Polish

  3. 8.Thai

  4. 9.French

  5. 10.Hungarian

  1. 1.English

  2. 2.Dutch

  3. 3.Finnish

  4. 4.German

  5. 5.Norwegian

The SCIPP International’s EUSA & SWADA courses are the first security awareness certificate programs in the world to achieve ANSI accreditation against the new American National Standard (ASTM E-2659, “Standard Practice for Certificate Programs”).

Course available in the following languages, at no

additional cost. Additional translations to the course can be made. Contact us for further information.


To learn more about each of SCIPP International’s industry specific modules, please visit our end-user security awareness module page