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If your company is looking to extend its portfolio of technology partners, talk to SCIPP.

Our security awareness courses for end users and web application developers are value-added complementary products to protect your customers’ most critical information assets.

Cost-efficient and easy to resell, our Secure Web Application Developer Awareness (SWADA) course will help your customers preempt programming errors and compliance gaps that can put their enterprise at risk.

Our scalable, cost-effective approach can easily be deployed across global organizations with minimal overhead. Best of all, your customers won’t need additional hardware, software, travel or on-site training expenses, to roll out our turnkey program across their enterprise.

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GRC and Cyber Security

Partner: ITPG Secure Compliance

ITPG’s Information Security Services improve your security posture by leveraging extensive knowledge of real world threats and vulnerabilities. Our in-depth, granular knowledge in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) enables you to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and ensure proper security and privacy controls are implemented.

ITPG provides a fast, structured framework to conduct targeted security, risk, governance and compliance reviews of organizational security programs, systems and business applications. Once there is an established baseline, we offer mitigation implementation services to improve your baseline risk profile. ITPG’s certified highly experienced security consultants are assigned based on specific domain knowledge and areas of expertise. Our knowledge of IT infrastructure, environments, governance, risk and compliance have made ITPG a trusted partner with organizations of all sizes in healthcare, education, government, utilities, retail and financial services.

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ITPG Secure Compliance

Partner: NetArmi

NetArmi is a leading Cyber Security Solutions Provider (CSSP) in detecting, protecting, and preventing advanced cyber threats to your critical enterprise or government infrastructure.

Our network of white hat security experts with security clearance and technology partners deliver Real-time Continuous Monitoring (RTCM) from the CISO level down to the operational level.

NetArmi can supply your security program with a vast network of highly skilled security experts who are trained CISSPs by NetArmi’s parent company, IT Professional Group, to help solve your specific security problems.  We help you develop and execute strategies against any cyber threat.

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